Off The Richter Photography


About me

I found photography in 2012 and decided to make it a career 4 years later. Being in Western Montana made it easy for me to develop a passion for photography. I strive for versatility when it comes to photography. There are definitely some types of photography that I enjoy more than others, but I always put the same intensity and concentration into all my work.

In Summer of 2016 I enrolled in Rocky Mountain School of Photography. I completed Summer Intensive, Outdoor Pro Studies, Commercial Pro Studies, and Advanced Intensive in Commercial Photography. RMSP gave me the foundation in all forms of photography to carve any path from here on out.

I am a father to Karter and husband to Shelbi. My family is an integral part to my success. My late grandfather Don Kost made this career possible by helping fund my school.

If I can help make your life or career more exciting with my work, please let me know. I strive to make my work an inspiration and success every time! 

Kasey Richter